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Frequently asked questions


Where is the main campus of Sai University located?

Sai University currently runs from its City Campus in Navalur and will move to its Main Campus at Paiyanur in 2022.

How old is Sai University?

SaiU is India’s youngest multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary university which was established in 2018. 

Why Sai University? What is unique about SaiU’s curricula?

Sai University offers liberal, interdisciplinary, and multidisciplinary education. You will learn how to combine concepts, methods, and forms of communication from more than one discipline to explain a phenomenon, solve a real-world problem, create a futuristic product, and suggest proactive and predictive measures that help get ahead of a problem before it occurs.

These are the must-have skills that most employers seek in potential candidates. In the 21st century, real-world problems are too complicated and complex to be solved by studying and understanding a single field of study.

COVID-19 Safety Information – on campus and beyond

Your safety is our top priority, and we have adopted various measures to make sure that you are healthy, safe, and happy whilst at Sai University. We clean the campus daily and disinfect all the high-touch points, including chairs, desks/tables, doors and door handles, light switches, and podiums.

  • To ensure the safety and health of our community, we have the following guidelines in place, and you must follow them while you are on campus. 
  • You must wear face masks. 
  • You must practice social distancing, regular handwashing, and the use of hand sanitizers.
  • Do not share objects (e.g., books, laboratory equipment, art, or recreational equipment/supplies).


Your health and overall wellness are our top priorities. 

Sai University is dedicated to our mission to provide students with quality and cost-effective medical care. We offer the best on-campus source to help students meet their primary health care needs. Our team comprises top clinicians and support staff who can provide optimum health care to every student, faculty, and staff at Sai University. Counseling on health, diet, and lifestyle-related issues is also available. 

Office visits are free for students, faculty, and staff. However, minimal fees for services such as laboratory tests may apply. Office appointments are mandatory. Walk-ins are not allowed. 

Following are the medical care facilities currently available on the main campus of the university:

  • Health Center with Pharmacy,
  • Nursing Station, and
  • Four hospital beds


Our health care services are:

High quality and ensure empathy and compassion, Attentive and ensure kindness and help without discrimination, and Wise and ensure the best use of resources available. We will be adding more facilities very soon.

ACADEMICS – B.A.(Hons.)/B.Sc.(Hons.)/B.Tech
What are the programs offered by Sai University?

SaiU has three schools that offer the following programs:
School of Arts and Sciences: B.A./B.Sc. (3 years + optional 4th year)
School of Computing and Data Science: B.Tech. (4 years)
School of Law: B.A. LL.B. (Hons.)*  (5 years integrated program)

*Awaiting BCI approval

What degree will I get?

You would get one of the following degrees on successful completion of the respective program:
B.A., B.Sc., B.Tech., B.A. LL.B. (Hons.).

How can I select the program that is right for me?

At SaiU, we offer undergraduate and postgraduate programs that allow you to explore your interests and build a career on them. If you are applying for an undergraduate program, you will also get the opportunity to design one for yourself – the one that matches your skills and interests and build the career of your dreams.

You can customize majors or minors based on your academic and professional goals and objectives (as per guidance from your faculty mentors and based on existing academic policies).

When does the academic year begin/end?

The academic year usually begins in the first week of August and ends in the last week of July. Our next academic year will commence from September 2022.

Do you offer interdisciplinary courses?

Yes, SaiU offers an interdisciplinary program. Some of the greatest innovations have come from combining two apparently unrelated fields, and innovation is the key to a dynamic economy. Students may have more than one interest, and an interdisciplinary education provides avenues to pursue them in tandem, either with a minor or an interdisciplinary major.

Who will teach me?

Faculty from around the world who are thought leaders in their fields. They bring vibrant new curricula, active learning pedagogic innovations, and a philosophy that puts the student at the center. Some of our international Visiting Faculty are from such eminent universities as Stanford, Harvard and Dartmouth.

What makes our faculty panel distinctive?

Every faculty and staff member at Sai University is deeply committed to your academic and personal success. You will learn under the direction of highly accomplished professors, scholars, and influential thought-leaders. The professors at Sai University embody the kind of leaders and changemakers they create at Sai University. They’re dedicated teachers, mentors, and role models who help our students develop the intense desire to make a positive change in the world. Our professors integrate their work into the classrooms to provide relevant real-world knowledge and hands-on experience.

Are there any specializations offered?

You may do a Major in Arts & Sciences and a Minor in Computing & Data Science, or vice versa. BA/BSc/BTech students may, following approval of a well-developed proposal, construct an interdisciplinary major that crosses school boundaries. Here is a glimpse of SaiU UG programs – majors & minors


When do I choose my major?

You will be required to choose your electives before the beginning of the first semester in the second year.

Can I apply to more than one program?

You can apply to more than one program at Sai University. Use the same account to apply for each program. Make sure that you submit separate applications for each program. To confirm that you are eligible for the programs you’ve chosen, take a look at each program requirement before applying. For more information, feel free to reach out to our admission team.


What areas can I specialize in, and what are the requirements to earn a specialization?

Constitutional Law, Business Law, International Law, Intellectual Property Law, and Technology Law and Policy are the specialisation areas offered at present. One will have to choose at least eight courses from these groups to earn a BA LLB (Hons.) specialisation. Candidates also have the option of opting for eight courses from different groups. In that case, they will be awarded a General BA LLB (Hons.) on successful completion of the programme.

When can I choose my area of specialization?

Specialisation courses will be offered in the IX and X Semesters.

What are optional courses? How many optional courses can I choose, and when can I choose them?

In addition to compulsory and specialisation courses, you can choose several optional courses. These courses need not be from your specialisation group. You must opt for at least six courses. Optional courses are offered from IV Semester onwards.

When is the BCI Approval expected for the B.A. LL.B.(Hons.) program?

We expect the approval latest by 15 June 2022

ADMISSIONS – B.A.(Hons.)/B.Sc.(Hons.)/B.Tech/B.A. LL.B.(Hons.)
How can I apply for a program?

We have dedicated teams to help you with any queries about applying to Sai University. We will help you with all stages of the admission process  –  from filling out and submitting the application to gathering the correct documents and tracking the various stages of your admission process. 

  • Steps to complete the online application:
  • Review the detailed instructions for completing the online application.
  • Register on the application portal.
  • Start filling out the application.
  • Upload the relevant documents.
  • Click the “Submit Application” bar.

Once you have successfully submitted your application, you will see the confirmation message on the screen. You will be invited to the second stage of the admissions process if your application is shortlisted.

What are the application rounds for B.A., B.Sc., B.Tech., and B.A. LL.B. (Hons.)*?

The deadline for 4 rounds of admission are given below. All admission rounds are on rolling basis.

Round 1 – Last date to apply is 15 March, 2022
Round 2 – Last date to apply is 30 April, 2022
Round 3 – Last date to apply is 15 June, 2022
Round 4 – Last date to apply is 15 July, 2022

Is it possible to apply to the programs offline?

No, we do not have offline methods to apply. You would have to complete an online application.

What are the eligibility and selection criteria?
  • Grade 12 – CBSE, CISCE, Cambridge, IB, state boards and other recognized international boards.
  • Personal Statement & Essays
  • Faculty Interview
  • Standardized Admissions Test* – one of the following is accepted: SAT/ ACT/ Pearson Undergraduate Entrance Exam/ JEE. SaiU is now accepting Pearson Undergraduate Entrance Exam scores, for admission to UG programs. Visit to register.
    *While taking these tests are optional, the scores do carry a reasonable amount of weightage in arriving at the overall score of the applicant.
  • Faculty testimonials or letter of recommendation (optional)
What are faculty testimonials or letters of recommendation? How can I get them?

Faculty testimonials or letter of recommendation is given by the school teachers and counselors to an individual student. Applicants can request their schools for these letters.

Why should I submit my personal statement and essays?

Your personal statement and essays are mandatory to process your application. Your personal statement should be a short and engaging piece about yourself, your goals, interests and skill set, achievements, etc.

I am currently in Grade 12. As the exams have been delayed, I cannot submit my transcript with the application. Can I still apply?

You are eligible to apply for the program. You can submit your transcript before or within one month of joining the chosen program. Your academic transcript is a mandatory document that you should submit at the time of enrolment.

What if I cannot provide my transcripts?

You would need to submit your transcripts by the set deadline. However, if you have an issue, you may discuss it with your admissions counselor.

Do I have to submit an essay?

Yes, you would have to submit a personal statement. A personal statement is a short piece that will allow you to tell us about yourself. It will help us understand who you are, what are your interests, your passions, your achievements etc.

Is there an admissions test?

SaiU does not conduct an admissions test as of now. 

What are the common admissions tests accepted by Sai University for B.A.(Hons.)/B.Sc.(Hons.)/B.Tech.?*

SaiU accepts one of the following test scores: SAT/ ACT/ Pearson Undergraduate Entrance Exam/ JEE.
*While taking these tests are optional, the scores do carry a reasonable amount of weightage in arriving at the overall score of the applicant.

What entrance exam scores are expected for admission to the B.A. LL.B.(Hons.) program?


How can I get a scholarship or fee waiver?

SaiU awards scholarships to meritorious students who may not be able to pay the full tuition fee. On receiving your application to one of SaiU’s program, we will guide you through the scholarship application process.

If I have queries or need help to fill out my application, how can I contact the admission team?

We know university admission processes can be a little overwhelming, but don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Undergraduate admissions: 
+91 9150010080

Postgraduate admissions:
+91 9940057400


Is there an application fee?

No, there is no application fee.

How to pay my fees?

1) Payment Link for SaiU’s School of arts and science :

 2) Payment Link for SaiU’s School of Computing and Data science :



What are the postgraduate programs offered at Sai University?

SaiU’s School of Law offers a one-year LL.M program in Regulatory Studies and Daksha Fellowship in Technology Law.

How is the LL.M. program different from Daksha Fellowship, also offered by the School of Law?

The LL.M. program and the Daksha Fellowship are designed with entirely different objectives, even though they overlap at many points.

The main goal of the Daksha Fellowship team is to train practitioners in the field of Technology Law and regulatory law, with emphasis on methods of dispute resolution and court craft.

LL.M. at SaiU is a postgraduate course designed to create academic leaders for the twenty-first century. The one-year postgraduate program is ideal for those looking to deepen their knowledge of regulatory laws. The curriculum and pedagogy of the program are unique and future-ready and will help the participants of this program anchor the development of regulatory laws in India. 

We also nurture the teaching and research skills of the participants.


What is unique about SaiU’s LL.M. program?

The one-year LL.M. in regulatory studies at the School of Law consists of foundational, specialization, and optional courses to give a thorough exposure to regulatory law. You can broaden and deepen your knowledge and understanding of law while specializing in regulatory studies. The program will open up access to several rewarding occupations that require specialist expertise by equipping you with the best intellectual tools, real-world knowledge, accurate data, and cutting-edge resources.  

In addition to completing the mandatory and recommended modules, you must complete and submit your dissertation within the deadline. The dissertation will improve your intellectual, critical, and practical skills required to practice regulatory laws.

How is the LL.M academic calendar structured?

We follow a trimester model for the LL.M. program. One academic year comprises three trimesters, and each trimester will have 12 weeks.

Does the program include Internship opportunities?

It is a one-year intense academic program with no internship opportunities. In today’s legal job market, where employers look for applicants with specialized training, your one-year LL.M. degree will raise your chances of landing the job of your dreams.

Is the dissertation mandatory to receive the LL.M. degree?

Yes, you must complete and submit the dissertation to receive the degree.

Who are the faculty members of the program?

The School of Law has a team of esteemed faculty members who represent a variety of fields and sectors in today’s diverse and fast-expanding legal arena. They are well-known for their dynamic and interdisciplinary approach to legal education. Our faculty are original contributors to the growth of knowledge and are career academics, researchers, core industry practitioners, and consultants.

How is the curriculum different from the LL.M. offered by other institutions?

Through the one-year LL.M. program, we create academic leaders for the 21st century who can effectively respond to changes in the legal domain, construct new theoretical frameworks that explain and critique such changes, and innovate by leveraging technology and data.

Law schools in India do not offer courses on regulation, be it at the undergraduate or postgraduate level. Hence, our faculty members combine academic and practical expertise in regulatory studies and help students understand and interpret the regulations that govern today’s complex and rapidly changing world. Thus, the program combines foundational, specialization, and optional courses that provide a deep understanding of regulatory laws.

Are there any specializations in the LL.M. program?

This one-year program offers our students a unique and engaging platform to strengthen their knowledge, equip themselves with a range of employable skills, and sharpen their minds by getting an in-depth understanding of regulatory laws. In the third trimester, students can choose electives from one of the following clusters: Infrastructure and Sustainable Development, Technology Law and Policy, and Corporate and Financial Regulation.

Will I get career guidance and assistance to apply for doctoral studies?

According to us, career guidance doesn’t start at the end of a program. At SaiU, career guidance is an integral part of every program, and LL.M. is no different. We can help you figure out what you want out of your education and career so that you can make rewarding and futuristic educational and occupational choices.

After completing the program, you will be eligible to apply for relevant Teaching Assistant/ Research Assistant positions at SaiU. We will also guide students interested in pursuing doctoral studies.


How do I apply for the LL.M. program?

You can apply for the program here at

What are the admissions criteria for the LL.M. program?

Candidates holding a recognized undergraduate law degree or those who have appeared for their final semester/year examination are eligible to apply to the LLM program. Candidates’ scores in CLAT PG or LSAT India or SaiU-LSAT (Sai University’s Law School Admission Test) will be considered. Apart from this, weightage will be given to a candidate’s work experience, publications, and statement of purpose.

How many students will be there in one batch?

One batch will hold a maximum of 30 students.

What is the admission process?

Applicants must have completed a regular curriculum at an accredited college or law school and hold a professional degree from a law school during the LL.M. program.

Applicants can apply online. Please be aware that we need time to process every application carefully. Make sure that you submit your application well in advance of the deadlines. 

The basic steps to applying for SaiU’s LL.M. program include:

  • submitting the electronic application form,
  • submitting the supporting documents,
  • submitting the CLAT PG or LSAT India score document,
  • submitting the documents that substantiate work experience, publications, if any, and
  • submitting the statement of purpose.

Please note that 35% of the total seats of the program are available only for the resident students of Tamil Nadu.

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Is there an application fee?

No, there is no application fee.

What are the application rounds for LL.M. and Daksha Fellowship?

The deadline for 4 rounds of admission are given below. All admission rounds are on rolling basis.

Round 1 – Last date to apply is 15 March, 2022
Round 2 – Last date to apply is 30 April, 2022
Round 3 – Last date to apply is 15 June, 2022
Round 4 – Last date to apply is 15 July, 2022

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